Mission Statement

Technology has changed the world in many ways.  Today communication is totally different than it has ever been in human history. Now libraries and information are available as never before. This enabled us, a group of Indonesians to discover Byzantine Christianity.  We have and continue to develop in this way simply because technology allows us to choose. We founded the organization called “Rumah Byzantin” (means Byzantine Home) so as to begin developing a real structured community.

 We identify ourselves as being Byzantine Catholics aligned with the UGCC.  It is not about right or wrong, but simply a choice that we made.

Sts Cyril and Methodios, were Greeks, they came to the Slavs to convert them to Christianity.  It is of great importance to note, that they did not make Greeks out of them.  Liturgy was expressed in the vernacular extremely early.  Liturgy and liturgical art was enculturated early.  The whole concept of expressing God as looking “European” was foreign, to the Byzantine tradition.  You write icons as being like our own people is important.  This is something we identify with.  It is actually a uniting factor rather than a separating factor. 

Following examples of great patristic tradition, education needs to be continuous and multifaceted. This approach will develop more holistic personality, compares to narrow fielded education, which consider being the norm nowadays.   We see ourselves as being people who pursue our academic education parallel with studying patristics, history, and Byzantine theology.  We are developing a community where we share knowledge within an educational byzantine environment.

We considered it would be useful, if we started sharing our experience on a wider scale.  This website and other social media platforms are our means to achieve this, as a light (of Eastern Christianity) and salt in Indonesia.